Intelligent Telematics launches fleet insurance solution

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News in the fleet insurance sector has seen Intelligent Telematics release an innovative new product. They hope it will not only provide greater immediate access to incidents but also help fleet insurance costs fall. The cutting-edge product is a real game changer for fleet managers who are looking at better ways to manage their insurance costs.

A true 24/7 solution

The new product from Intelligent Telematics is a 24/7 monitoring package that gives fleet managers instant access to any incidents their cars are involved in. Available to fleets whose cars have the Intelligent Telematics Surecam system installed, it will also be available if your fleet uses the two camera system as well. This will give a much greater degree of control to fleet managers and also an extra level of security for their drivers.

What other benefits will this give fleet managers?

Of course, this system will prove most valuable when thinking of fleet insurance costs. Not only should it bring you annual quote down but also give you hard evidence to prove your driver’s innocence in the case of any collisions. The use of telematics within the industry has really had a positive effect for many fleets when it comes to their insurance costs.

How does it work?

The new telematics system connects to a call centre that is manned 24/7. This call centre will then actively monitor all incoming alerts from the system itself. Any footage from reported incidents will be looked at along with data from the fleet vehicle to review what has happened.

Each incident will then be classed as an RTA or near miss. An email will then be sent to a set list of contacts within 30 minutes of it taking place for their subsequent action. If your fleet has a claims response team set-up, them the video footage can be sent straight to them also so they can follow up instantly with your driver. This gives them chance to call the emergency services and begin the insurance claims process if needs be, without delay.

Great news for your insurance costs

Having this kind of robust solution in place should be great news for your fleet courier insurance costs. If you want help in finding the best deal out there, then use Total Insurance Comparison today.