Insurance industry calls on businesses to improve road safety policies

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As the recent winter weather conditions left many employees in need of recovery because of the hazardous weather conditions, fleet insurance companies are calling on businesses to improve road safety policies.

To reduce claims and protect employees it is essential that businesses have an effective road safety policy in place, to improve the safety of employees during winter driving. It is worth reminding business owners that the health and safety laws apply to drivers carrying out work-related duties while travelling, so the risks need to be managed effectively.

The recent poor weather conditions highlighted that many users of company cars are unsure of the policy regarding travelling in poor conditions, particularly heavy snow. This left many employees attempting unsafe journeys, even though there were policies in place to protect them. But, no matter how well your drivers are trained, there is always room for improvement and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Businesses should remind drivers of the various tips for driving in poor conditions. For example, drivers should travel slightly below the speed limit and be aware of the load that they are carrying, as it will take longer to stop. To increase the safety of passenger vehicles, drivers should leave a gap of at least two seconds between them and the car in front. For fleet vehicles carrying goods or passengers, this should be increased to three or four seconds. The key is to ensure that drivers are reminded to always be cautious and aware of everything around them.

Many drivers of fleet company vehicles have highlighted that they are unsure who to call during a breakdown or accident and what to do while they wait for assistance. A companies road safety policy needs to highlight the key steps employees need to take along with the numbers they need to call. A driver should ensure their vehicle is off the road where possible, with hazard lights on before calling the insurance company or recovery line. If a vehicle breaks down on a motorway it should be pulled as far over on to the hard shoulder as possible.