Employers Urged to Register for Road Safety Week 2017

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This year’s Road Safety Week is being held from November 20-26. Road Safety charity Brake, the coordinators of the events are encouraging organisations and employers to visit the roadsafetyweek.org.uk website in order to register for a free action pack, which will aid in raising awareness for road safety amongst the motoring community.

Brake have called out to those who employ staff who drive for work to attend and help to promote the campaign, which is aimed at increasing safe travel throughout local and wider communities.

The motto or this year’s Road Safety Week is that of “Speed Down, Save Lives” – a short, punchy message that really hammers home the reality of how driving may impact the lives of those living in a community.

Companies and Businesses alike have a huge role to play in this event. By making sure that staff are always wary of their speeds on their way to, from and during work hours, they can make an impact on the community, and actively increase safety measures to ensure that motorists within their employment make a positive change in regards to the way they drive.

Dave Nichols, community engagement manager for Brake, said: “Speeding remains a major problem in the UK. Not only does it put people’s lives at risk, but it prevents them from being able to walk and cycle safely in their communities.”

Nichols continues to state that:

“We all live busy lives and there is often a temptation to speed up in the hope of saving time, where in fact we could be costing lives. That is why we’re encouraging everyone to Speed Down Save Lives this Road Safety Week…Companies can help get these vital messages out to drivers, families and young people, making a big difference to their local community. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t already registered to sign up now for our free action pack.”

Tom Daniell, digital marketing director for Aviva, added to Dave Nichols statement, saying that: “We’ve been working with Brake for more than a year now and together we’ve had a fantastic response from drivers, pedestrians and companies alike – but there is always more we can do.

“It’s all too easy for motorists to get into bad habits: everything from checking their mobile phone while driving, to travelling above the speed limit. But the outcomes of these actions can be catastrophic. Just one collision caused by speeding is one too many, so this year we’ll be encouraging as many people as possible to get behind the campaign”.

Signing up is a particularly good idea for those in the Courier industry or operate a Fleet of vehicles. It could also be seen as a great way to reduce the cost of of your Courier Insurance or Commercial Fleet Insurance policies.