Dash cams prevent ‘crash for cash’ scams

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Latest figures are making it very compelling to ensure all vehicles in a fleet are fitted with advanced camera solutions, especially for a decision maker who’s thinking about the cost of fleet insurance. Why? Well, according to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, ‘crash for cash’ criminal scams are costing the insurance industry millions of pounds every year.


The criminals tend to run in gangs, as they target fleets of vehicles because they know the cars will be covered by fleet insurance. Statistically, liveried vehicles are at the most risk because it’s obvious to the perpetrators that these are business vehicles, rather than personal. A driver who is not the owner is much less likely to defend a claim too vigorously. The attacks tend to come in the form of ‘contrived crashes’, in order to claim for fictitious personal injuries such as whiplash.

Insurance costs

The Insurance Fraud Bureau has estimated the cost of these scams is around £392 million each year. Yet a recent poll (via fleetnews.co.uk) discovered that only 15% of fleet decision makers install in-cab cameras in their vehicles. The evidence a camera provides can help settle claims quicker, and even get fraudulent claims thrown out completely. It can also help settle claims even after an employee has left the business, or in the case of agency drivers. Reducing this huge cost to the insurance industry can only be a good thing, as it may mean the reduction in fleet insurance premiums, which is to everyone’s benefit.

What next?

Fleets are starting to take these figures on board and respond accordingly. One firm who provides the camera solutions for fleets recently did a six-month trial, where half the vehicles had cameras fitted. The half with cameras had a 55% drop in accidents, and a 25% drop in fleet insurance claim costs (source: fleetnews.co.uk). Some of the newer cameras can send the footage directly back to base via mobile data, meaning an incident can be dealt with immediately.

However you decide to protect yourself from these ‘crash for cash’ criminals, find out more about how we can help you with your fleet insurance today.