Camera Telematics and Accident Buddy team up

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Within the commercial insurance sector, being able to use advanced solutions to protect your fleet of cars or HGV’s is key. The latest news that will delight all fleet managers or business owners sees Accident Buddy teaming up with Camera Telematics. Accident Buddy have recently confirmed that they will begin exclusively using Camera Telematics as their preferred supplier of onboard cameras. 

Camera Telematics leads the way

Already Camera Telematics is known within the commercial insurance sector for providing superb video camera tech to fleets. This makes their recent decision to partner with Accident Buddy even more exciting. Accident Buddy are an insurance claims app which lets businesses operating fleets report incidents quickly and with no fuss. By combining a top level app with top level tech, all involved with operating fleets will benefit. This will, of course, also make it easier to submit claims via your fleet insurance due to the reliable data provided by the onboard cameras. 

Unique Street Angel tech used

The main focus of this partnership is how Camera Telematic’s ‘Street Angel’ camera tech supports the Accident Buddy app. ‘Street Angel’ is known for being one of the leading cameras that fleets can fit onto their vehicles in order to capture footage for insurance claims. Combining over 20 essential functions in one piece of kit, it is the camera many use in their commercial vehicles. 

Once the video footage has been recorded on camera, it is then uploaded via the Accident Buddy app so instant on-scene advice can be given by specialist staff. This allows for superb incident management for fleets and is a real step on for commercial insurance. With claims and incidents on the rise, having this sort of technology in place along with adequate insurance cover is vital. 

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