75% of people want all vehicles charged to enter clean air zones

At the ALD Automotive event, three quarters of all attendees indicated that all vehicles emitting CO2 gas should pay to enter Clean Air Zones.

As well as that, 65%of all fleet operators said that they were looking at purchasing or leasing ultra-lowemission vehicles as part of their fleet.

The ALD event hostedin Bristol was attended by 200 people including local and national employersand is the first Clean Air Zone (CAZ) event held.

The attendees includedrepresentatives from local authorities and Government organisations that arekeen to from experts in the Electric Vehicle (EV) field. Demonstrating detailedpresentations on topics such as the charging network across the UK and thebenefits of switching fleets over to use ULEV and quality improving strategies.

During thepresentations, delegates answered a set of questions on their own motoringhabits and what their views were on the effect of motoring on the environment.

The findings show that,although the vast majority of attendees drove a conventional petrol or dieselcar, 75% were in favour of charging all vehicles to enter CAZ zones UNLESS theywere zero emission.

Chaired by TV actor andRobert Llewellyn who is passionate about electric vehicles and founder of the ‘FullyCharged Show’.

Held in conjunctionwith The University of the West of England, the event was targeted at thefuture of business mobility and to highlight the growing aspect of CAZ’s.

The presentations alsoincluded insights into the future of the UK’s national charging network howlack of choice or accessibility to ULEV’s were the biggest barrier to choosingULEV vehicles.

Although it wasappreciated most of the attendees were from across Bristol, most of theattendees do travel across the UK taking them in CAZ’s.

The study which lookedat 4000 vehicles which made 300,000 trips with tracking technology highlightedthat is CAZ’s were in full effect, over £30,000 collectively would be generatedby the vehicles. For those not wanting to pay that, the option of buying orleasing ULEV’s becomes even more appealing.

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