New 3G Vehicle Camera Designed for Commercial Fleets may lead to Annual Savings of £400 Per Vehicle

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The Commercial Vehicle Show of 2017 (CVS) is set to commence in Birmingham on the 25th April. Alongside countless technological innovations sure to be uncovered at the Britain’s most comprehensive commercial road transport show, Intelligent Telematics have confirmed that they will be showcasing their new 3G vehicle camera designed for the company fleet insurance marketplace.

The 3G vehicle camera has been described by Intelligent Telematics as the only camera that will be able to deliver an integrated driver behaviour monitoring system alongside its steps to increase proactive claims management in the sector.

Indeed, a trial of the camera has already reported to be achieving savings of up to £400 annually for each individual vehicle within a fleet, alongside saving of up to £1,600 on vehicle claims.

Sam Footer, the Head of International Business and Strategic Devlopment at Intelligent Telematics has said that:

“We will be sharing the stand with key solutions and technology partners to demonstrate how road transport operators can achieve significant savings and benefits from using our integrated 3G camera solution”

“By combining our industry-leading devices with complementary software technologies and services, we have created an advanced proposition that offers unrivalled savings potential for SME’s and global blue chip fleets.”

The firm has already reported a great amount of success with their previous 3G cameras, which use HD video footage in order to dispute claims that may otherwise have gone against a driver. However, their new release boasts an integrated RTL system which houses software able to accurately monitor vehicle and driver behaviour, enabling the analysis of vehicle efficiency.

The Camera also has a CMS system installed in it, which will track real-time collision and allow a deeper analysis to situate the cause of any potential crashes. The software uses the data produced by the camera to identify collisions and produce analytics to support the claim process, effectively limiting the cost of potential claims.

Whilst the use of dash cams in vehicles is certainly not a new revelation, the advancement in dash-cam monitoring systems will allow for integrated vehicle behaviour monitoring systems to become more prevalent within the fleet industry. As a consequence, companies could find that they are able to save a substantial amount of money and time when it comes to handling claims, which is always a win-win in the automotive industry.

Indeed, we can only hope that the technological strides made by Information Telematics will spark competition from other companies, which could lead to a vaster variety of monitoring systems within the industry. Thus creating a safer and more cost effective environment for the fleet automotive industry.

News by Total Fleet Insurance.