3 ways to reduce your fleet insurance costs

If you are responsible for your company’s fleet of cars then you will be well aware of how much the insurance premiums come to every year. Luckily, there is scope for fleet managers to look at reducing their fleet insurance costs when the time comes to renew their cover. These real-world tips can see some great savings across the whole fleet if you take the time to implement them.

Here are a few ways you can drive your fleet premiums down.

Ask for your claims performance

One excellent initial way to help get a better quote from your current insurer is to ask them for your fleet’s authenticated claims experience. This is a document that shows data from the whole of your fleet such as exposure and the number of claims made over the last few years. Where this can work a treat is that it will alert your current insurer to the fact you may be looking to move elsewhere. This will therefore encourage them to give you a better deal to stick with them.

Make sure you have the right type of cover

Another area to consider is what is included in your current insurance premium. Most companies will have a few extras in their fleet insurance that soon bump the overall cost up. Things like windscreen cover are a great example of this. Take the time to consider not only if you really need these extras and if so, could you get it cheaper elsewhere? By doing this, you will soon drive your costs down.

Look at where your vehicles are based

In general terms, your fleet insurance costs will be cheaper if the vehicles are not mainly used in a city like London. Some companies make the mistake of telling their insurers that their fleet is based in the city they operate from, even if the cars are not actually present or driven there! If this is the case, let your insurer know the details of your drivers and their postcodes to drive your costs down.

Let us help you find better value fleet insurance today

Of course, one superb way to find better value fleet insurance is to shop around between insurers. Browse our site today to see all the best quotes from all the best insurers.

Want more ways to reduce fleet insurance? Check out our ‘How to Save Money on Fleet Insurance‘ Guide.

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