What driving instructor insurance do you need if teaching pupils from the age of 14?

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It’s fair to say that many teens can’t wait to learn how to drive. In fact, many dream of being on the open road long before they are actually eligible to take their driving test.

If you’re a driving instructor, it’s actually possible to teach pupils as young as 14 how to drive. Lessons can take place – and be fully insured – if certain criteria are met beforehand. Here’s what you need to know about teaching pupils from the age of 14 and above.

You can be covered in your driving instructor policy

Typical driving instructor insurance will cover you on any car, as long as you are teaching a licensed driver. However, some policies can stretch to include those who are just 14 and currently ineligible to apply for a provisional driving licence. Right now, an individual isn’t able to apply for a provisional driving licence until three months before their 17th birthday.

Why teach pupils who are only 14?

A learner can’t take their practical driving test until they are at least 17 years old and have passed their driving theory test. However, this won’t stop them from chomping at the bit when it comes to getting behind the wheel. The lessons aren’t necessarily to get a pupil to test standard, and instead are more about giving them some experience in a car. Some parents might even organise a lesson or two as a bit of fun for a birthday.

You must provide evidence to validate the insurance policy

Pupils who are under the age of 17 can only handle a car off-road. There are specific tracks designated for such lessons all over the country. The insurance policy is only valid when using such land as it does not form part of the Road Traffic Act 1988. More often than not, the tracks will also include a designated area, where parents and friends can watch the lesson.

Get insured

You’ll want to check if 14+ off-road driving lessons are covered in your current driving instructor insurance policy.

If not, it’s worth shopping around and seeing if you can get it included. The lessons can actually be rather relaxed and an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.