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Courier Van Insurance

“with our brokers working harder on our clients policies, it’s no wonder we are a comparison provider of choice!”

  • Extremely Competitive Brokers

  • Flexible Payment Plans by Direct Debit

  • Goods In Transit Cover

  • Optional Breakdown & Personal Cover

Compare Courier Van Insurance Online

Finding your Cheap Courier Van Insurance has never been easier!

A policy found through us will have been compared against multiple Expert Van Courier Insurance Brokers ensuring you really do get one of the best policies available.

  • UK call centres

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  • Personal account handlers

  • Large board of insurers

  • 24/7 Claim help lines

Van Courier Insurance in Detail

Being a courier for a living can see you travelling a lot of miles over quite a wide location in the time period of a day. As such, it is vital that you are protected by a value for money courier van policy.

Why use Total Insurance?

We work with some of the most competitive and experienced courier insurance brokers in order to provide you compare courier van insurance quickly and easily.

Our partners work efficiently and can often have a price for you at the end of the phone call!

We can help find cover for:
Courier Fleet Insurance
– Limited Claims History
– Courier drivers with convictions
– Self-employed drivers
– Full Time Car Couriers

Some of the benefits our courier brokers provide are:
– Professional and expert knowledge
– Goods In Transit Cover
– Breakdown Cover
– Protected No Claims Bonus
– Discounts for drivers 25+
– Public Liability Insurance
– Employers Liability Insurance
– Help finding work if you run low
– EU Cover
– Pay Monthly by Direct Debit

Cover Overview

With a huge rise in online shopping, the demand on courier services has never been so great. From £20 roller blades to £1000 LED TV’s, as a courier, you will be delivering it all and your drop offs expect it in a timely and un-damaged manner. Occasionally though, accidents do happen and that is where your insurance steps in, not only for the goods you carry but your vehicle as well.

How much does Van Cover cost?

Courier Van insurance is typically a little more than standard van insurance due to the commercial aspect and carriage of goods in association with the van.

The average cost of your goods however is what will see your price fluctuate the most. The greater the average item value you carry, the greater your premium is likely to be.

There are several things you can do though to help reduce you premium such as fitting immobilizers and additional locking methods to your van.

Keeping goods away from windows and doors is also very important and never leave the van fully loaded overnight.

Limited mileage is also a good way to reduce the cost of your courier insurance.

Will my van insurance cover goods in transit?

Yes, a full and complete policy will cover the goods you carry. It is important to ask though what value you are protected up to. If you are only covered up to £10,000 worth, then you will not be able to make a £15,000 claim.

Can I transfer my Private Car NCB?

Typically the answer to this is No but some brokers will allow it. Ask the advisor when you speak to them.

Will other people be able to drive my courier van?

Yes, as long as you request them to be named on the policy. If they are not named, they will not be able to drive.

How long does it take to get a policy sorted?

If you have all your details to hand and there are no surprises in the checks we carry out, you could have your policy ready the very same day! This allows your to trade instantly with no delays.

Can you cover multiple vehicles?

Yes, if you require multiple vehicle cover, we can certainly help. Simply have the details to hand and ask our advisors when you speak to them.

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