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We work with some of the UK’s leading courier insurance brokers who have dedicated schemes to insure just the goods whilst in transit.

What is Goods in Transit Insurance?

Goods in Transit insurance, also known as ‘GIT insurance’, protects items against theft, loss, or damage when they are being transported from one place to another for business or commercial purposes. These can include couriers, hauliers, delivery companies or companies delivering their own goods such as manufacturing companies.

Goods in Transit coverage is an additional option to courier or commercial vehicle insurance. These policies protect the vehicle, while GIT insurance covers only the contents – the goods transported. Although some van and courier insurance policies include coverage for goods in transit, it is limited to a specific value. GIT insurance covers goods only while they are being transported, and not at the depot.

Any business with more than one van will likely require separate goods in transit insurance. If the average vehicle’s payload is more than £25,000, or if carriage conditions require a higher level than courier van insurance, separate goods in transit insurance may be required.

Do I need goods in transit insurance?

Although GIT insurance isn’t required by law, it would be a good idea for any business that offers courier services, removal services, or delivers purchased goods. It is also recommended to companies that carry their own goods such as stockists or manufacturers.

If you have a manufactured item that is worth a lot of money and has had many hours spent on it, you will want to cover that in the event it is damaged during transit.

If you work as a self-employed courier, you will need a suitable goods in transit policy in order to win business and delivery contracts from companies such as Hermes.

Cheap goods in transit insurance

Being able to get a cheap GIT insurance policy will depend on your claims history and the value of goods you carry generally.

If you have a good claims history and you are not carrying extremely expensive goods, then it is likely you will gain a very competitive price. That said, if you are carrying high ticket items, it may be a policy you don’t want to skimp on and a better level of cover may be an idea.

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