What does courier van insurance cover?

Need to get a courier insurance quote?

Working as a delivery driver means that you face a lot of potential hazards and possible losses. There’s the potential of damage to your vehicle, as well as the possibility of having your goods stolen in transit. In the worst case scenario, you could be involved in an accident and injure another road user or pedestrian. Insurance for van couriers can protect you, your products, and your business from a host of potential losses, but what should it include?


If you will be the only driver of your vehicle, then you may be able to save money by opting for a specified driver policy. If you share the van with other delivery drivers, you will need an ‘any driver’ policy.

Coverage level

Like regular car insurance, courier insurance offers a choice of comprehensive, third party, and fire and theft policies. Third party only is the bare minimum, which covers you to drive on roads in the UK, but as you rely on your vehicle to complete deliveries, you should consider a more comprehensive level of coverage.

Goods in transit

This should be considered a staple component for delivery drivers when choosing insurance. Check the value of goods that are protected as part of the policy and, if you regularly transport large loads of expensive goods, consider asking to have this amount extended. This component of your insurance protects against damage or loss of the goods in your van.

Public indemnity insurance

If you are late making a delivery, it could cost the recipient or their business money, and you could find yourself faced with a compensation claim to cover these costs. Public indemnity insurance protects you against the cost of compensation as well as the legal costs associated with the claim.

Public liability insurance

If you are involved in any kind of accident or otherwise cause damage to another person’s property, you are liable to pay compensation. Public liability insurance, as part of your courier policy, will cover the legal costs and the cost of repairs.

Policy terms

Most courier policies are annual policies, but it is possible to take out short-term policies. This can prove especially beneficial if you are a seasonal delivery driver or are just starting out and don’t want to commit to paying a full year of insurance.