Uber announces new courier insurance plans

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Breaking news in the world of courier insurance revolves around Uber. The global tech transportation company has revealed that independent couriers working for Uber Eats will be able to access free insurance cover in nine European countries. This free insurance package will be available to any independent couriers with an active Uber account in the European markets covered. In what is a massive gift to its couriers, the cheap courier insurance package will be totally free to take up for eligible couriers.

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New year gift for Uber Eats workers

Uber has confirmed that these new plans will come into effect on January 8th, 2018. This is a real early Xmas present for the Uber Eats couriers who can register for it. The package has been created in conjunction with the Axa Corporate Solution group, specifically for the USA-based tech giant.

The countries included are Belgium, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

What is included in this free package for couriers?

Amongst various measures, Uber has confirmed that personal accident insurance during a delivery journey will be part of the cover along with a cash benefit for severe illness or injury up to 15 days. Also included is third party liability insurance cover up to €1M.

All this adds up to a fantastic set of features for couriers, especially when you consider it will not cost them anything to take up.

Uber recognises the risks for food couriers

This latest move by Uber seems to signal an increased recognition of the risks taken by their Uber Eats couriers on each trip. Heading out on busy roads and at rush hour, the couriers face significant dangers that this new insurance package will cater for. Although UK couriers had been able to take out a subsidised version of cover earlier in the year, it had cost them £2 per week to join. This upgraded free version is a sign that Uber Eats values its drivers and realises the hazards they face.

Simple to make a claim if needed 

Uber has confirmed that making a claim on this new free courier insurance package is simple. Couriers would simply fill out an online claim via the Uber Eats app and it will be processed from there.

This is thought to be the first of many initiatives between Axa and Uber in this area, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with next. For everyone else involved in the courier sector though, it is still worth taking out your own courier insurance privately to protect you.

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