Shoppers’ demands boost courier firms

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Whilst many consumers regularly use online shopping, it seems that an increasing number of people are looking for faster delivery times. According to a study carried out by Whistl, almost 1 in 5 want same or next-day delivery services when they’re shopping online. Although consumers in large cities are most keen to take advantage of fast shipping services, the delivery management firm has reported an overall increase in the demand for quick deliveries.

With companies eager to satisfy their customers’ needs, many businesses are relying heavily on delivery and courier firms. As more and more people turn to online shopping, it appears that same and next-day delivery services will become standard in the near future. Due to this, now may be the ideal time for new courier firms to hit the market and for existing delivery companies to increase their services and area coverage.

Getting the best courier insurance

As any delivery driver or courier will know, having the appropriate insurance in place is crucial to business success. As well as being a legal requirement, the right insurance policy can secure your business and provide peace of mind.

If you remain unsure, we strongly suggest reading our article ‘The Importance of Courier Van Insurance‘.

Whilst courier insurance should always cover your vehicle or your fleet, there’s plenty more to consider when it comes to choosing the right policy. As well as including your driver or staff, your courier insurance can also offer coverage for the goods you’re carrying.

Goods in Transit courier insurance

If an accident or an unexpected vehicle fault causes damage to the goods you’re delivering, it can be disastrous for the business. In fact, many smaller courier firms would simply be unable to cover the cost of replacing the goods and compensating the customer. By opting for a comprehensive courier insurance policy, however, you can insure the goods you’re carrying and ensure your company’s success.

With breakdown, sickness and accident cover available, as well as employers’ and public liability insurance, we can create a bespoke policy to suit the needs of your business.  Compare cheap courier van insurance policies today,  Total Insurance Comparison are always happy to help.