New firm put an end to unfair highland delivery charges

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Living in remote areas can have it perks. Unfortunately, none of those perks include parcel delivery, well, until now.

A NEW delivery service on the block aims to combat the sky-high additional charges associated with delivering to places such as inverness and other remote locations.

Highland parcels, introduced as an initiative by Menzies Distribution, will charge a fixed fee of £4.99 for all deliveries across the north.

Customers using Menzies service will be able to have their parcels delivered to the firm’s depot located in Linwood, from there they will be delivered to anywhere in the highlands.

The scheme will combat and rule out unfair rip-off charges imposed by some retailers and other couriers for years which often take a hike in the run-up to the Christmas period.

General Manager for Menzies, Fraser Maclean, stated: “We are not seeing a change in courier companies’ attitudes towards delivery charges which is disappointing. It shouldn’t have to be the case that a carrier has to get involved to find a solution.”

Fraser continued to say: “We have come up with something to try and combat the problem because it seems that nobody else is willing to do anything and help.

Mr Maclean hopes that the new service will encourage people to continue to shop online knowing that there will be a cost-effective way of receiving their parcels. It has been reported that some people have been charged as much as £50 to £60 to receive their parcels which is just disgusting.

With Highland Parcels now in operation, online shoppers can begin to avoid these rates and remain confident in online shopping and encouraged to shop online for years to come.

The scheme has been backed by Inverness and Nairn MP Drew Hendy, who suggests the initiative will put more pressure on retailers to do away with unfair charges.

MP Drew Hendy though did go on to comment that “the UK Government could be doing more. It could introduce measures to keep a fairer system for those living in remote places.

Businessman Willie Cameron of Cobbs bakery in Drumnadrochit recons Highland Parcels will boost the local economy.

Mr Cameron said “I’ve had the experience myself having bought something online to then be told the company will not deliver.

“Our bakery requires all types of different supplies from all over the world and with sky high delivery charges, it can prove extremely difficult getting in here.

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