Maintaining Your Courier Van

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As a courier, you will spend a lot of time in your vehicle and more so, driving it. Your van is as good as part of you and will be seen by customers and get your between customers. If your van is struggling, so will you.

Here we have put together some best practices for you to follow.

Vehicle Presentation

Keep your van clean! If you work independently, you may also wish to brand you courier van. Either way, by arriving in a clean and well-presented vans helps you build trust in those that see it. If working for a high profile company where image is a crucial deal, then being well presented enables you to gain more work even at higher premiums.

Basic Van Maintenance

Good maintenance is essential. Your courier van is your workhorse and you don’t need it to be lagging. Spend time on making sure it is correctly maintained weekly by:

– Ensuring the oil is clean and at the correct level. Clean oil at the right level helps engine efficiency drastically saving you money in fuel.

– Coolant level. If you allow your van to overheat, the engine will seize which at best means a new engine! A bottle of coolant and regular check will go a long way.

– Correct tyre pressures. A spongy tyre will create drag and increased wear on the engine, which in turn sky rockets your fuel costs. Make a weekly stop at the garage to check and inflate any tyres that require it.

By neglecting your van, you neglect your ability to do your job profitably over a period of time. By maintaining a good van and working hard to protect your courier business also helps towards finding a cheap courier van insurance!