What to look for when taking out courier insurance

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If you are setting up in business as a courier then arranging courier insurance is vital. You may even be working for an employer who expects you to sort this out yourself. Whatever the reasons you are needing to take out courier insurance, knowing what to look out for is key. As with any other form of trade that operates on the nation’s roads, you need to have the correct cover in place for full protection when working. But what should your courier insurance cover?

If you are not sure exactly what essential points to look out for, read on.

Vehicle insurance

The first and most obvious insurance you will need as part of your overall cover is Vehicle Insurance. As a courier, you will be relying on your transportation to get around and so need this to legally do so. Be careful to make sure the policy you take out covers the form of transport you will be using. Remember also that standard personal insurance is not suitable – you will need proper courier insurance that is specifically designed to give extra protection when you are working.

Goods in transit insurance 

You will also need to make sure you have this type of insurance in place as part of your cover. This is key as it will insure you against the goods you are carrying for any third party. Vehicle cover only covers the vehicle you are driving, so you need this extra type to cover against damage to any goods in transit. If you will be delivering a wide range of parcels each day, then make sure your Goods in Transit cover takes this into account.

Pubic liability insurance

The last absolute must around courier insurance is Public Liability Insurance. This will help cover you against any risks involved when dealing with the general public and your customers when working. This gives you insurance against causing damage to a person’s property or injuring them in an accident when working. A good example of why you need this is dropping a parcel on someone’s foot by mistake when delivering it – if you injure them, this type of insurance will protect you.

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