Having your own fleet vs using an external fleet

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2018 see the start of rapid growth for companies which has continued into 2019. Driven by more people shopping online, the need for couriers and their fleet has never been greater.

Own Delivery Fleet

By opting to implementyour own fleet which is managed and operated by you can be beneficial giventhat you have full control. The logistics of carrying out deliveries will be inyour hands enabling you to deliver as you see fit.

With implementing andusing your own fleet however does bring additional risk in the form ofliability of damaged goods OR damage or loss caused through drivers. It can bringabout heavy financial implications if not insured properly and high levels ofstress if not managed correctly.

Being able to deliveris essential in maintaining business, if your customers lose faith in you andyour ability to get their goods to them in time, it could be detrimental to business.On the flip side though, by using your own fleet of couriers, you can oftendeliver a better level of service.

When opting for an internal fleet option, make sure you have appropriate courier fleet insurance that takes into account the goods you need to deliver, along with the vehicle and drivers.

Third Party Fleet

To use an external courierfleet / company shifts all responsibility from you to the external provider. Althoughyou hand over control of the delivery logistics, you do relinquish the riskfactor as well as any damage or loss is covered by the third-party deliverycompany.

Using an externaldelivery company however can improve deliverability given their logistic networkscan be considerably bigger than those we can implement ourselves.

By using an external deliveryoption, you can also concentrate more on what you as a company offer. Outsourcingis often key to streamlining a business and delivering better user experience asa specialist provider is more likely to be looking after an area that they arededicated to.

Choosing which optionto go with

When making a decisionwith regards to your method of delivery, it is important to consider the costof delivery. If all your deliveries are local and the cost of your drivers andvehicles can be covered with the cost of the product, then it may be worthopting for an internal fleet solution. If your deliveries are more national,then you are more than likely better off using an external option.

Opting for bothmethods

It is possible to combine both options. If you have multiple local deliveries but also multiple national deliveries, it may be wise to utilise your own fleet for the local elements and an external fleet for the longer distance deliveries.

Regardless of which option you go for, if you need cover for your own fleet, we can help you find cheap fleet insurance today to ensure you are properly protected.