Could you courier for cash this Christmas?

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As online shopping grows in popularity, the influx of parcels on the postal service over the festive season gets bigger year on year. For many retailers, the solution has been to contract the services of a courier company, and that means that there are plenty of couriering jobs available over the Christmas season.

You’ll generally need to hold a driving licence; although some services in big cities do use bike couriers, this option is probably only viable if you’re based in London and a very confident cyclist! You’ll also need access to your own vehicle to make deliveries and some services will require that you have a certain amount of experience on the road, or be over a certain age.

A certain amount of free time during the day will also be required. For a lot of people, working as a courier is a second job and lots of services offer a degree of flexibility, but as you can’t be delivering parcels in the wee hours of the morning, some restrictions will apply.

Make sure you’re covered by courier insurance before you get out and about with packages; it protects you if anything gets lost, damaged or stolen while you’re doing your rounds. In some cases, the company you’re working for will provide this, but in other situations you’re effectively working as a freelancer.

Working as a courier can be a great way to make some extra cash over the festive season, just make sure you stay safe and get covered!