How to Save Money On Courier Insurance

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If you are looking to save money on your courier insurance, read our guide below.

It contains the quickest and most popular ways to save money on your insurance cover.

Money saving Tip #1

Invest in a new van. Newer van (or vehicles in general) attract better rate premiums and are deemed a lower risk. The newer the van, the better the rate.

Money saving Tip #2

Have the van sign wrote, if you have your van sign written, it is considered more professional and shows a level of pride meaning premium discounts are then available.

Money saving Tip #3

Lower mileage or limited radios. If you are due to do fewer miles or work within a small radios, we can offer better premiums as there is less of a risk. Delivering close to base can save huge amounts on your premium. Mention who you carry for as well and from which depot.

Money saving Tip #4

Claim free driving letters. If you have worked for another courier before working elsewhere or for yourself, gain a letter backing up your no claims. Having this can lead to some huge discounts!

Money saving Tip #5

Use your private vehicle no claims discount. If you have a clean claims history on your private vehicle, in some cases, we can apply that to your courier insurance policy.

Money saving Tip #6

Limit the amount of drivers. If you can limit the amount of drivers or opt for a named driver’s only policy, premium discounts can be applied to your Courier Insurance quotation. Fewer drivers is associated with lower risk.

You can apply for Cheap Courier Insurance with Total Courier Insurance. We will ask you the above questions to better help save you money!