Do you need GIT cover?

If you’re a courier, your van is your office, your workspace, and your livelihood – you can’t afford to be off the road. Whether you own the vehicle yourself, or it’s part of a fleet, it’s got to keep going efficiently, both day and night and in all weathers, because that’s what your customers expect. Wherever your deliveries send you, you need to be sure that what you’re carrying is insured just as well as your vehicle is, which is where Goods In Transit (GIT) cover becomes necessary.

It’s not simply enough any more to have a normal vehicle insurance policy. That will cover your vehicle, but not what you’re transporting within it.

When you purchase your courier insurance, you may be offered GIT as part of the policy. It’s not a legal requirement, but it’s certainly advisable, and more important if you’re working, or planning on working, for more than one company, as some companies demand it before you start work for them.

GIT Insurance is all about protecting your reputation, whether you’re transporting goods for a third party, or delivering your own product. In the awful event that your parcels are victims of damage, loss, theft, delay or accident while they’re in your possession, GIT covers you against costly claims.

You choose how you want your GIT – cover can be as a limited amount for each package, an individual vehicle or a single consignment. Some companies will even quote for hazardous goods in transit. It’s as flexible as your business is.

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