Insuring your new courier venture

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As the new year gets going, many people are looking for ways to pinch the pennies and make savings for the year to come.

One of those money-making plans could be to take on a second income, such as courier work. Demand for couriers is growing as retail moves toward internet shopping, so there are likely to be plenty of opportunities open. It is a popular way for many people to bring in extra cash, because the hours can be so flexible and the area covered is up to you. Essentially, you will be your own boss. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why becoming a courier is so appealing.

However, there are lots of things to consider before you rush out and get started – such as the insurance policy you will need to cover your service. Transporting goods means handling other people’s property, and they will not be happy if mistakes are made during the process or if something goes unexpectedly wrong. Courier insurance covers goods while they are in transit and usually includes breakdown cover too. No matter what happens, you and the customer will be protected in almost any eventuality.

Securing cheap van courier insurance is vital before you start work, and you want to get a great deal that doesn’t see your earnings eaten up in monthly payments. To find the right deal that suits you for price and features too, visit an experienced broker such as Total Courier Insurance and let us set you up with the right insurance package.