Everything you need to know about courier van insurance

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If you run a courier business then there can be a lot of confusion surrounding the needs and legality of having the right type of insurance to cover you, your staff, your vehicle and the goods that you carry. Below we share information about taking out courier insurance and what you need to know to keep you and your business covered:

Do I need this type of insurance?

As an individual or company that delivers goods to the general public or other businesses, then you will need to take out cheap courier van insurance. There are a number of different types of cover available, depending on what type of business you are and how many hours you operate per week. Many individuals believe that their normal motor insurance will cover these needs, but this is simply not the case.

A range of available policies

Similar to car insurance, courier insurance has several categories. You can opt for third party insurance, third party fire and theft, or you can choose fully comprehensive. What you choose very much depends on your finances and company needs. It is also advantageous to consider taking out a goods transit insurance cover policy to give you extra protection.

Courier insurance is different to haulage insurance

There can be much confusion between courier insurance and haulage insurance, with many believing that the two are the same, as a vehicle is used for carrying and delivering goods. But both deliver a different service and need different types of cover. A haulage company usually deals with the same customer and delivers the same goods on a weekly or daily basis. A courier company is more diverse, with the company delivering a range of goods to different customers, day and night.

Vehicles that can be covered by this type of insurance

A courier service uses a wide range of vehicles. Motorbikes, small vans and cars are all used to deliver goods. Any vehicle that is under 3.5 tonnes, including small lorries, can be covered under a courier insurance policy. This gives you, the policy holder, greater flexibility when it comes to taking out courier insurance.