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What to Avoid with Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance allows you to essentially cover multiple vehicles used within your business under 1 policy. When you purchase all your insurance from 1 provider, it allows greater discounts to be applied to your policy. When you need to insure a larger fleet, your motor fleet policy will always work out cheaper than multiple individual policies.

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Everything you need to know about courier van insurance

If you run a courier business then there can be a lot of confusion surrounding the needs and legality of having the right type of insurance to cover you, your staff, your vehicle and the goods that you carry. Below we share information about taking out courier insurance and what you need to know to keep you and your business covered:

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Why new couriers shouldn’t overlook the need for insurance

For those who strive for independence in the workplace, courier work is often an attractive option. Couriers go motoring around the country’s streets and motorways, through the sun and rain, day and night. It can be a rewarding profession, both financially and personally, but as with many other self-employed positions, you should take heed of the associated costs, and added responsibilities of being your own boss.

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