Securing insurance for workers after a drink driving conviction

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Has one of your drivers been convicted of drink driving? Are you worried about securing insurance for a commercial driver with endorsements on their licence? Insurance can be expensive for drivers who have had drink driving convictions in the past, and this is often a barrier to employment. You don’t want to pay over the odds to insure a driver, especially when they represent a higher risk than other drivers within your company.

However, you may not want to lose a good member of staff over a mistake they have made, or you may wish to give a formerly convicted driver a second chance with your company. The good news is, there are plenty of insurers offering specialist drink driving insurance, so you can reduce your premiums while protecting yourself and others against future risks.

Spent and unspent convictions

When a driver is convicted of a driving offence, it remains active on their record for a minimum period of five years. This is known as the ‘rehabilitation period’. During this time, the driver may return to the road, as driving bans tend to run for lesser periods of time than the rehabilitation period (often 18 months or three years, depending on the severity of the offence). However, that conviction remains on the offender’s licence and is known as ‘unspent’. All unspent convictions must be declared to the insurance company.

After the five years is up, the conviction is now ‘spent’. While there are situations in which you or your driver may need to declare the conviction – such as when applying for a new driving role at your company, or returning to the workplace when their driving ban expires – you will no longer be legally obliged to tell your insurance company about the offence.

It is important to remember that endorsements of driving licences count as convictions, and must be declared. Even if there was no custodial sentence or other punishment handed down by the court, those points on the driver’s licence become an unspent conviction – and the rehabilitation period applies.

Drink driver insurance

Specialist insurers offer specific insurance products for drivers that have convictions or licence endorsements, including policies tailored to drivers that wish to return to a vehicle-based work role. A driving conviction needn’t be a barrier to work for a good driver, as long as you have confidence in their abilities. Total Insurance Comparison can link you with trusted insurance companies that offer cheap car insurance to convicted van insurance – potentially saving you thousands on your annual premiums. For more information, visit our website or call 0203 826 1453.