A route to sourcing convicted insurance

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Getting insurance if you have any kind of criminal conviction can be difficult and expensive. Some insurers will refuse even people with minor convictions unrelated to their driving, but the good news is that there are specialist insurers out there who can help with affordable convicted insurance if you are turned away by a conventional provider.

When you are asking for quotes, you must always declare any conviction – failure to do so is, in itself, an offence. The nature of your conviction could be important, as some insurers will offer you cover if your crime was not driving related. You don’t need to provide information if you have a spent conviction, so make sure you know if your sentence falls into this category. It will be considered spent somewhere between five and ten years, depending on the nature of your sentence. If your sentence exceeded 30 months’ imprisonment, it is never spent.

Insurers work on risk, so refusal may be based on the assessment that any criminal conviction puts you at increased risk of committing a driving offence, or having an accident and making a claim. Other insurers may only consider you a risk if the conviction is driving related. If you are refused cover, there are still options, in the form of specialist convicted insurance companies.

If you have to use a specialist insurer, the same rules of shopping around still apply. Get several quotes and consider increasing your excess, as this can cut the cost of the policy. If your annual mileage is low, this should lower the price of cover, and black box insurance could also help you. Known as telematics, this is a black box in your car which records details of how you drive and logs your mileage. Drivers with such a black box can expect a policy which accurately reflects their driving behaviour, rather than relying on statistical risk assessment. Also decide whether you really need legal cover, windscreen replacement or a courtesy car – removing these will lower your costs – and always pay upfront if at all possible.

So if you are looking for convicted driver insurance, it is out there. With a little patience and persistence, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to drive a vehicle.