Loophole of car tax claims thousands of motorists

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It is estimated that more than 100,000 Vehicles are likely to be clamped this year compared to 60,000 last year. The reason, a huge surge of unknowingly void tax claims on purchased motors.

Thousands of ordinary motorists are facing fines of up to £800 and having their cars towed after new tax disk changes introduced by the DVLA. The Guardian Money reveals that DVLA clamping’s have risen quiet substantially since the month of October, when laws introduced the scrapping of the paper discs.

The major problem is that although many motorists are now aware that you do not need display a valid tax disk, what has not been thoroughly explained is that vehicle exercise duty is cancelled automatically when the ownership of a car is changed – even if the car displays a valid tax disk.

Subsequently, many motorists are purchasing new cars that have a tax disk displayed until ‘X date’ thinking that they are buying a car advertised as “fully taxed and MOTd’” something that was previously done throughout the country for many years, but as soon as that car changes ownership all tax on the car is cancelled. This change has exposed many motorists to being clamped and fined.

The statistics show the devastation this has caused amongst the motoring world, the average monthly vehicle clamping has risen by 3,000 a month, from 5,000 to 8,000.

One issue that has surfaced in the events of the past months is that the DVLA has not even issued warning letters to motorists prior to their actions.
In defence of their actions, the DVLA says it has tried to publicize the new changes in order to spread awareness for the situation, though it is clear to see this has not had the desired effect – motorists have found their vehicles clamped or towed away even in situations such as the gifting of a taxed car by a loved one or relative. Anybody who is caught by this tax loophole seems to have no right to appeal their case, arguments are sprouting that this is an unfair implementation of legislation by the DVLA.

As well as this, errors in Administration on behalf of the DVLA have also left motorists with a sour taste, reports tell of one driver that had had his car clamped after buying his wife’s Motability scheme vehicle after her death, the motorist had done everything ‘by the book’, with him going to the post office to complete the tax forms stating that he will pay for a year’s tax, only to find that his vehicle had later been clamped. Investigations later reported that the DVLA had cancelled the driver’s payment following an error in their administration department which resulted in the incident.

Although this is a one off occurrence, and incidents do happen from time to time in all walks of life, can it still be argued that the DVLA is dropping the ball on this one?
The changes to the tax disk have caused quiet the fuss throughout the country, headlining on several news websites, which ultimately poses the question; are tax disk changes being implemented to purposefully be as difficult to understand as possible? Are the DVLA just trying to implement a massive scheme to make money? Or is this just a lack of common sense and a ‘royal screw up’ on the part of the agency?