How can I get insurance as a convicted driver?

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According to government statistics, the amount of people being prosecuted for motoring offences fell 0.4% between 2016 and 2017, which is good news for the UK’s drivers.

However, for the 664,390 people who found themselves with a motoring conviction, if they’re planning on getting back behind the wheel of a car, they’ll require insurance which covers them even with their licence endorsement, and finding an insurer happy to provide convicted driver insurance is easier said than done. With so many insurers viewing convicted drivers as a huge liability, it can be a real minefield trying to find insurance which won’t break the bank while providing the kind of cover you need.

What can I expect?

If you’ve been convicted of a driving offence, you might be wondering what’s awaiting you once you try to get covered to drive. While the initial worry might be that you’re never going to be eligible for a policy again, that’s very rarely the case.

What you can be sure of is that the price is going to increase. If your conviction meant that you were endorsed with points, you’ll usually need to declare those for five years, even if they are no longer valid.

How long will I need convicted driver insurance for?

All convictions come with a time period attached to them, which should be made clear to you by whoever made the conviction. Points on your license are currently valid for three years, but remain printed on your record for a further year, unless you’re told otherwise. After the four years, they disappear entirely from your license.

You must give details of your convictions when you apply for a policy. It is up to the insurer if or how they take this into account. Withholding the information is an offence in itself.

What happens once the endorsement drops off my licence?

If the conviction has passed its live period (usually three years), your conviction is generally regarded as “spent”, and no longer needs to be declared. However, any insurer is allowed to ask you specifically if you have had any spent convictions in the last five or six years, and in that case, you must declare them.

It doesn’t matter if your card is marked due to speeding, going through a red traffic light, intoxicated driving, or due to a ban – at Total Insurance, we can help get you back on the road with a specialist insurance policy help for convicted drivers.

More information can be found on the Government Website.