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Top 10 Motoring Convictions for 2018

Admiral Insurance recently carried out a survey of it’s customer base and analysed the most common type of motoring conviction. The survey was carried out on drivers who notified them of a conviction between September 2017 and August 2018.

Unsurprisingly, speeding offences made up for 3 of the top 5 convictions with using a mobile and not obeying traffic signals also ranking highly.

Top 10 Driving Conviction

1SP30Exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road
2SP50Exceeding speed limit on a motorway
3TS10Failing to comply with traffic light signals
4SP10Exceeding goods vehicle speed limits
5CU80Using a mobile phone whilst driving a motor vehicle
6IN10Using a vehicle uninsured
7DR10Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit
8SP20Exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle (excluding goods or passenger vehicles)
9CD10Driving without due care and attention
10SP40Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit

As part of the survey, Admiral also looked at other elements such as who was likely to have what type of conviction based on age and occupation.

Speeding offences being the most common resulted in the following findings.

Those less likely to be convicted of speeding were insurance clerks, credit managers and dressmakers. Supermarket assistants and substitute teachers also ranked 4 and 5 on the ‘safe list’.

Cars most commonly caught speeding

Interestingly, BMW was not number 1 for cars most commonly caught speeding, instead, this slot was taken by Mercedes.

RankOccupation (2018)Occupation (2017)
1LocksmithProfessional Footballer
2Offshore rig workerRestaurant owner
3Creative directorConstruction engineer
4Professional sports coach/trainerOffshore rig worker
5ChairmanAmateur musician
6Blind fitterMedical consultant
7Professional footballerHigher executive officer
8Construction engineerSales engineer
9Company directorChairman
10Courier/delivery driverSurgeon
RankMake & Model
1Mercedes GLE
2Porsche Panamera
3Mercedes AMG
4Aston Martin Vantage
5Mini John Cooper
6Volkswagen California
7BMW 420D
8Seat Arona
9Aston Martin DB9
10BMW 440I

If you have found yourself in trouble with a conviction, make sure you get in touch as we can help you find convicted insurance. We are particularly good in finding people drink driving insurance so don’t stress, just get in touch.

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Police Seize 142,000 Cars in 2017

Police in the UK carried out a heavy crackdown on uninsured drivers through 2017 seizing a total of 142,000 cars. Included within that total were a number of luxury vehicles including Rolls-Royca, Ferraris, Maseratis, BMW’s, Porsches, and Lamborghinis.

It is reported by the Motor Insurers Bureau that about 40% of seized vehicles are crushed! Vehicles carrying a higher value are sold at auction where money is used towards police budgets. Crushing cars of uninsured drivers has been common practice since 2005 in which police have seized a total of 1.7 Million Cars.

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Who are big time culprits?

Research suggests that uninsured drivers often drive expensive cars such as top of the range BMW’s where out of the 142,000 cars seized, 3558 were BMW’s which is nearly 10 a day!

There were also 2982 Audis, 36 Porsche, 12 Bentleys, 4 Lamborghinis, 4 Ferraris, 3 Maseratis, 3 Jaguars and a Rolls-Royce.

How to get your Vehicle back if it is impounded

Retrieving your vehicle can be expensive but if you vehicle is worth a good sum of money, then retrieving it is a wise option.

Drivers will require an impounded car insurance, proof of ownership, valid drivers licence and proof of identity. All these will be required at the impound.

To pay there will be a fixed penalty (often around £300). A release fee (usually £150) and a daily storage fee typically starting at £40 a day.

Cars worth less than £1000 are often not worth saving from the crusher and better off paying your fine and starting again but properly!

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Securing insurance for workers after a drink driving conviction

Has one of your drivers been convicted of drink driving? Are you worried about securing insurance for a commercial driver with endorsements on their licence? Insurance can be expensive for drivers who have had drink driving convictions in the past, and this is often a barrier to employment. You don’t want to pay over the odds to insure a driver, especially when they represent a higher risk than other drivers within your company.

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A route to sourcing convicted insurance

Getting insurance if you have any kind of criminal conviction can be difficult and expensive. Some insurers will refuse even people with minor convictions unrelated to their driving, but the good news is that there are specialist insurers out there who can help with affordable convicted insurance if you are turned away by a conventional provider.

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