How to Save Money on Drink Driver / Convicted Insurance

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We understand that having a DR10 conviction on your licence may cause some problems when reapplying for your car insurance.

Unfortunately, in most circumstances a DR10 conviction will cause your premium to increase and may even cause insurers to avoid you altogether. Fortunately, here at Total Insurance, we specialise in comparison prices for those that have a DR10 on their licence. Despite what some may say, there are ways to lower your premium. Do not take the first quotation you receive from a company. Instead, read along here to see what you can do in order to lower your premium as much as possible, whilst receiving the same level of cover you had previously.

As we mentioned before, the difference in the premium prices companies offer for those that have a DR10 on their licence can literally be hundreds of pounds. It is beneficial for you to shop around to make sure that the broker that you decide to take the policy out with is offering the best price possible.

Furthermore, there are some things you can do to lower your premium further.

Store your car in a secure location – An insurer will rest more easily if he knows that your vehicle is stored in a secure location. This means that there would typically be less chance of the vehicle being stolen or damaged whilst the driver is not present.

Increase your voluntary excess price – As with normal car insurance, an increase in voluntary excess will usually lead to a reduction of your premium price.

Increase the security of your vehicle – This tip has the same premise as storing your car in a secure location, the more secure the vehicle its self is, the less chance it will have of getting broken into, damaged or stolen.

Add a driver to the policy – In some instances, adding a named driver with a lot of experience, a clean record and no claims bonuses may decrease the price of your premium. It is well worth enquiring into and seeing if adding a named driver will benefit you in any way.

What type of car you are trying to insure – as per usual, vehicles with a larger engine, or those that are modified often increase your insurance premium. Vehicles with larger engines tend to place the car into a higher insurance group whilst those that are modified may make the vehicle more attractive to thieves, or increase the speed of the car, increasing the likeliness of an accident arising.

The final tip that may reduce the cost of your premium is to check and see what type of cover you need. Whilst it is essential to make sure you are covered for everything you may require, often people pay for additional cover that they may not need, make sure you enquire with your broker as to what types of cover are essential, and consider what add-ons you may be able to do without.

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