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Compare insurance with a TT99 conviction

If you have a TT99 conviction code on your licence, comparing insurance is essential to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to.

We work with specialist insurance providers who have access to a wide variety of policies to help you compare TT99 insurance.

What is a TT99 Conviction?

A TT99 Conviction code is applied to someone’s licence after they have been banned through ‘totting up’.

In any 3 years, a driver is only allowed 12 points. When a driver exceeds 12 points in a 3 year period, they will receive a ban and a TT99 Conviction.

A TT99 policy is a specific type of convicted drivers insurance policy.

What causes totting up?

Essentially, to many penalty points gained within a short period of time will cause totting up.

These can be gained through speeding, disobeying traffic signals and being caught driving whilst on the phone.

By gaining multiple convictions and points of any nature, a driver displays they are more dangerous. The more dangerous a driver is, the more penalty points will be applied and consequently banned.

New drivers and TT99 driving bans

When it comes to new drivers, the rules are slightly different. Within the first 2 years of driving, you will only be allowed 6 points on your drivers license.

These can still be totted up and you will still be banned. You will just reach a ban quicker than someone who has had their licence longer.

If you are banned within the first 2 years of driving, we can still help you find TT99 Insurance policies.

TT99 ban lengths

When you hit 12 points, you will be summoned by the court. The length of your ban ultimately will be down to them.

Typically though, the length of a ban will be something like the below.

  • 6 months ban for 12 or more points within a 3 year period
  • 1 year ban for where a second disqualification is gained within 3 years
  • 2 year ban for where a third disqualification is gained within 3 years

How long do TT99 codes stay on your licence?

A TT99 conviction code will stay on your licence for 4 years. After 4 years, your conviction will be considered spent and will be removed. Once it is spent, you will no longer need TT99 Insurance.

Is insurance with a TT99 expensive?

TT99 insurance is more expensive than a standard car insurance policy. This is because a driver with a TT99 is considered higher risk.

Having said that, when applying through the correct channels for insurance, you can still get competitive quotes and policies.

If you apply to us, our specialist panel will do their best to provide you cheap TT99 Insurance.

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