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Compare DR10 Insurance

We work with specialist DR10 Insurance providers who will be able to find you a competitive policy. The providers we use are not always on the main price comparison websites. Because of this, they can write policies at a more competitive rate!

Not all those caught drink driving are bad drivers, often it is from an honest mistake. Regardless of how you were caught, our panel will provide you with their best rate possible.

What is DR10 Car Insurance?

DR10 Insurance is an insurance policy for a vehicle where the person insuring the vehicle has been caught drink driving and therefore has a DR10 Conviction Code on their drivers licence.

Getting Insurance with a DR10 Code

Not all drivers with a DR10 Conviction codes are bad drivers and quite often a DR Conviction code is the result of an innocent mistake.

In the eyes of the law, driving or attempting to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol is illegal, however, drink driving insurance companies are more understanding.

We work with insurance brokers who will take all this into account when it comes to you getting your drivers licence back and wanting a car insurance quote.

How much does insurance cost?

It is fair to say that DR10 Insurance is going to cost more than your usual car insurance policy. Statistically, those with convictions are more likely to be involved in an accident and as a consequence, more likely to claim on their insurance. That said, not all those with a DR conviction are bad drivers.

The final cost of your policy however will be determined by your age, other driving factors such as other convictions or endorsements as well as crashes or claims in the last 5 years. At Total Insurance Comparison, we help you compare Drink Driving Insurance Brokers to help you find a Cheap DR Car Insurance Policy.

Finding Car Insurance after a Drink Driving Ban

Driving offences all have different codes that they relate to. These will be put on your licence held by the DVLA and will be made available to both police and insurance companies should they run a check on you so it is essential that you declare them when required.

Those who have a licence with DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR61, or DR80 as a conviction code, will have at some point been caught driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

Offence codes such as CD40, CD50, CD60 or a CD70 relate to those caught carelessly driving whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In all the cases above, the conviction code will remain on your licence for 11 years from the date of the original conviction. Unfortunately, it is also true that all the time these points remain on your licence, you can expect to pay a higher premium.

How can I reduce the cost of my DR Policy?

It is quite possible to help reduce the risk of DR10 Insurance by going on rehabilitation courses. These are seen as taking reasonable steps to become a better driver and are favourable by most insurers. Many brokers will offer a discount on DR10 insurance where a rehabilitation course has been completed.

Improve your chances of a competitive policy

Having major convictions on a driver’s licence can cause you a problem for a long time, especially within the first 6 years. One of the best ways to improve your risk profile in the eyes of an insurer is to attend a rehabilitation course. There are many rehabilitation courses that are desired to educate and rehabilitate drivers who have been caught driving under the influence. Once completing such courses, they can help you gain a discount on your insurance premium.

There are also standard options you can apply to your convicted driver insurance such as reducing the number of miles you drive, keeping your car secure overnight as well as building up a new driving history without new convictions or accidents. If you can quickly prove you will not reoffend, then your insurance has a better chance of dropping.

Tailoring your policy

If you are quite a young driver, then adding an older experienced driver can have some positive benefits to you premium on the basis they to also have a clean record.

If you raise your excess (this is the total amount of money you pay towards any claims you may have to make), you can also bring your premium down considerably. Raising your excess may offset the additional cost of your conviction or at least bring your policy premium into an affordable price bracket.

Buying a cheaper and less high-powered car can also be a way to bring down your premium. High powered cars can bring greater risks to the insurer, by opting for something less expensive and less power performance based, you can reduce your premium considerably.

Is it possible to get cheap insurance with a DR conviction?

Quite often, a DR conviction is the result of an innocent mistake. Many people only require to have 1 drink and be over the limit where their body reacts differently to others.

Taking this into account and assuming you are not a persistent drink driver. Along with having maintained a relatively claim free policy with no other motoring convictions, it is still very possible for you to get a cheap DR10 policy.

If you have a DR30 conviction however, it may be a little harder for you to obtain a cheap policy as a DR30 conviction means you refused to give a sample.

DR30 Insurance

Insurance premiums will go up slightly for those with a DR30 conviction code. A drink driver with a dr30 conviction will have failed to provide a specimen for analysis and as such indicates the likely hood of you knowingly driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Your driving ban is also likely to have been increased meaning you were off the roads longer. Finding insurers who will provide an insurance quote for this conviction code is a little more difficult but we are still able to help.

Why use Total Insurance?

We have good understanding of drink driver insurance and work with leading UK DR10 Insurance brokers to bring you competitive rates.

Regardless of whether you require drink or drug driver car insurance, we will be able to help.

The broker we connect you with will be authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority to ensure you are looked after in the best possible way.

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