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Compare Drink Driver Insurance

We work with leading drink driver insurance brokers who have some of the best rates on the market. When looking for drink driving insurance, the usual price comparisons services are not always cheapest. Benefit from our knowledge of what insurance providers can help you most!

Not all drink drivers are bad drivers! Many often make a simple mistake and end up paying the price through a ban. The specialists we work with understand that and work with you to get you the best price.

Why use a comparison service?

When caught drink driving, you will be banned from driving, receive penalty points and have a DR conviction code on your licence.

In many instances this will increase the cost of your premium heavily. By using a comparison service and speaking with specialist brokers. You will have a much better chance at reducing the cost of your premium.

With the help of our expert broker panel, we can help find cover for all the DR conviction codes. Our advisors are knowledgeable and accept the fact we all make mistakes, working with your to find a policy right for you.

What is Drink Driving Insurance?

Insurance for drink drivers is a specialist form of policy that takes into consideration drivers who have a DR code in relation to drink driving offences.

Policies are versatile but found through more niche insurance providers who are often not on price comparison services.

When are drink drive penalties applied?

A drink driving penalty will be applied whenever someone is caught driving whilst over the legal limit. A driver will always loose their licence and a fine decided upon.

– 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100  millilitres of breath
– 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood
– 107 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of urine

Drink Driving Codes

DR10 – Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol above the limit
DR20 – Driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink
DR30 – Driving or attempting to drive and refusing or failing to supply a specimen
DR40 – In charge of vehicle with an alcohol level above the limit
DR50 – In charge of vehicle while unfit through drink or drugs
DR60 – Failure to provide a specimen for analysis other than driving
DR70 – Failure to provide a specimen for a breath test

How long do I have to declare a DR Conviction?

You are required by law to declare your conviction for a term of 5 years from the date of conviction.

Once you have passed 5 years, this conviction will be declared as ‘spent’ in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Any insurance company that holds a conviction against your policy in order to increase premium past 5 years is actually in breach of their own statutory obligation. After your drink driving conviction is spent. You will be able to use and obtain sensibly priced insurance via normal aggregators

How do I get insurance with a drink drive conviction?

If you have been caught driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, it is almost certain you will have received a large financial penalty, driving ban, a DR conviction code and an increase in your drink drivers policy.

Having a DR conviction is considered a major driving conviction. Because of this, a lot of car insurance brokers will not offer you a premium. Here at Total, we have handpicked and chosen to work with some of the best in finding car insurance after disqualification.

Can I Get Cheap Drink Drivers Insurance?

It is unrealistic for those caught drink driving to expect to get a really cheap policy straight away. Even more so if it is a second offence. What we can do those is compare specialist providers who will work hard to reduce your costs.

We help you find the specialist insurance brokers that you need in order to get sensible insurance premiums.

If you are desperate to get a cheap drink drivers insurance quote. You should take part in rehabilitation courses and working hard to not gain any penalty points. Your registered office will be able to help you find these courses.

How will drink driving affect the cost of car insurance?

If you have been convicted of drink driving, you will have to pay more for your banned driver insurance compared to a regular driver. Your original insurer may still be willing to provide you with cover, but you can expect your premiums to increase; in some cases, they will double. How much your premiums increase by will largely come down to how severe your case is.

A drink driving conviction, known as a DR10, won’t just increase your premiums. You will also be expected to pay a larger voluntary excess.

Keeping your costs low

Even though your convicted driver insurance will be more expensive as a convicted drink driver, there are still steps you can take to keep your costs as low as possible. For example, completing a drink driver’s rehabilitation course will make insurers feel a bit better about offering you cover. If you are banned for 12 months or more, you will usually be offered to you following your conviction.

If you’re willing to consider a different vehicle, switching to a car in a lower insurance group can reduce your costs.

A drink driving conviction is a serious matter and can have far-reaching consequences. However, a DR10 doesn’t mean you can’t get insured to drive again. As long as you are prepared to pay more than you were previously, there are options open to you.

Reducing the cost of your policy

In order to help bring down the cost of your drink drivers insurance further, you may want to consider the following options.

Limit the policy cover. You may wish to opt for insuring named drivers only as opposed to anyone. You may wish to opt for Third Party Fire and Theft as opposed to Fully Comprehensive but we strongly recommend against that and most insurance companies only offer fully comp cover.

Keep your car in a secure location. If you are able to lock your car in a garage, under CCTV cameras or safe location, this will help.

Opt for a Higher excess. The excess is the amount you pay in order to claim on your policy. By increasing this, you could decrease your premium. Remember though, should you need to claim, your ability to do so where you are at fault will be more in this instance.

Lower your Annual Mileage. By lowering your annual mileage inline with what you are likely to do, you can reduce the cost of your insurance cover because you be classed as less of a risk. It is however important not to underinsure!

Why use Total Insurance?

We work with specialist convicted drivers insurers and DR brokers who have a wealth of experience in dealing with DR10, DR30, DR40, DR50, DR60 and DR70 conviction codes along with higher risk codes.

They have refined their policies to help you reduce the cost of drink driving insurance. Quite often, with their experience, they can beat the big price comparison aggregators.

Our advisors accept we all make mistakes and do not judge our applicants and work with you in finding and comparing car insurance for drink drivers.

It can be extremely hard find insurance with a DR conviction, but we are able to help.

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