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We work with specialist providers who have access to a wide variety or DG10 insurance policies. Not all car insurance brokers can quote all types of policy.

That is why we have setup partnerships with dedicated brokers to help you compare drug driver insurance quickly and easily.

What is DG10 Insurance?

DG10 Insurance is a specific type of insurance for convicted drivers. DG Convictions relate to those caught driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

Drivers with a DG10 conviction code will still be able to insure their car normally. It is to be expected though that their policy will be more expensive.

The drug does not have to be an illegal one for you to receive a drug driver related conviction code. If you take a heavy dose of legal medication as prescribed by a doctor but then drive even though you are feeling its effects. You can still be done for drug driving and require drug driver insurance.

Drug driving conviction codes

Those caught driving whilst under the influence of drugs can expect to have one of the following convictions codes on their licence.

  • DG10 – driving or attempting to drive whilst drug levels are above limit
  • DG30 – causing death by careless driving with drug levels above the limit
  • DR80 – driving or attempting to drive whilst unfit through drugs
  • DR90 – being in charge of a vehicle whilst unfit through drugs

How long do these drug driving convictions stay on your licence?

DG10, DG30 and DR80 conviction codes will stay on your licence for 11 years. A DR90 code will stay on your licence for 4 years.

Drug Driving vs Drink Driving

Drink driver is more common. This is purely because drinking is legal and anyone over the age of 18 can do it. You can apply for drink driving insurance here.

Drug driving is less common, it does though carry a heavier penalty with conviction codes staying on your license for longer.

If the drugs taken are illegal ones, then the ramifications are also worst.

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