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What is banned driver insurance?

Banned driver insurance is a convicted driver policy for those who have been previously disqualified from driving.

You can be banned from driving for a number of reasons such as excessive speed or through being caught drink driving. Regardless of the cause of your ban or disqualification, you will have points on your licence and therefore require a convicted drivers insurance policy.

What does disqualified drivers insurance cover?

Insurance for disqualified drivers will cover the exact same things that a standard car policy will cover. It is also available at the same levels of cover: Fully Comprehensive, Third Party Faire & Theft and lastly, Third Party.

It will however be likely to cost slightly more as you will be classed as a more high risk driver.

How much does a policy cost?

The cost of your policy will be based heavily on the usual factors such as your no claims experience, the location to which you live as well as the value of your car.

The cause of your ban will also have an impact. For example, someone who is banned a second time for drink driving will have to pay more compared to someone who has only been banned once.

Having a vehicle of a lower value, living in a better area whilst not having any claims will be a positive factor on your policy though.

Why use us for your banned driving insurance?

Work work with leading convicted insurance brokers in order to help you save money. The specialists we work with appreciate that not all banned drivers are bad drivers and will therefore provide specialist quotes that account for your disqualification.

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