Working out the cost of your Courier Van

If you are a van courier, your vehicle is likely to be one of your biggest and most essential purchases. It is important to remember though that the cost of your van does not end at the purchase.

We have written many over looked aspects to which you should consider as a courier driver.


Many forget that sometimes they require branding for their vehicle. Although not essential for self-employed couriers working for a nationally recognised chain, but it is a must for courier fleets. Branding not only increases the professional look of your business, but is also a means to advertise your business.

Shop around for vehicle wrapping services if you are going to get your vehicle branded. Also remember not just to go for the cheapest one, their skills may not be up to scratch and bad wrapping can be damaging if the branding looks off.

Van Repairs

Courier vans spend a lot of their day on the road rushing from location to location, this means a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle. In 2013, Trust My Garage reported the 64% of motorists spend up to £500 on un-expected repair costs. It is worth budgeting in these repair costs when planning your financial year.


The UK has 6 tolls, the Severn Bridge, the Dartford Tunnel, the M6 Toll, the Tyne Tunnel, the Mersey Tunnel and the Humber Bridge. You also have to bear in mind the London City Congestion Charge. Work out these costs and if you will need to pay them, if you need to pay them, ensure they are factored into your vehicle running costs.

Working your engine to hard

Driving to fast or changing gear later than you should, will cause your engine to struggle. Drive at a steadier pace and change gear at the correct time (usually around 3000 revs), will see you use up to a third less fuel. You will arrive around the same time but more profitably! Keeping your tyres inflated to correct levels and predicting traffic flow so you do not need to completely stop the van will also help significantly in the reducing of fuel costs.

Depreciation of the Van

Your van will lose money over time. It is a good idea to work out your depreciation costs and factor that in to your costing’s over the anticipated time to which you intend to have the vehicle.

Courier Van Insurance

It is essential that you protect your van. Here we have written an article of how to save money on your courier insurance. By sitting and working out what you really need from your cover, you can ensure you are correctly protected and finding a cheap courier van insurance increases.