Why it’s important to check your Lorry trailer every day

It is vital that you check your HGV trailer every day. This is not only to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle, but it is also a requirement of UK law, as in accordance with the DVSA, and with your Lorry insurance policy. One major part of ensuring that your HGV is safe on the road is by carrying out a daily ‘walk around check’ to inspect both the cab and trailer.

Daily checks lead to fewer breakdowns and a safer working vehicle.

The driver is the first to detect problems

As a driver, you will know your HGV inside and out, and therefore you should be the first person to spot a problem or a potential problem. Any issues should then be reported back to the individual in charge of the fleet of vehicles. Repairs can then be made to ensure that the vehicle is once again safe on the road.

The daily visual check

This requires a quick visual check of both the driver’s cab and the trailer. It is not a full and in-depth maintenance check, as this is a job for fully trained technicians. However, a daily inspection is required under UK law, via the DVSA, because if the truck is involved in an accident and you have failed to conduct a safety check prior to driving, then you could incur points on your driver’s licence, and even prohibition.

Here’s what you should look out for

During your walk around check, you need to:

Check the cab – It’s vital to check the steering wheel, mirrors, visibility through the windscreen, indicators, lights, windscreen wipers and horn. It’s also important to check that there aren’t any oil leaks, and the coupling security fixture.

The trailer – It is vital that the brake line, tyres, and receptors, are all inspected. The body of the trailer should be fully secured, as should any load.

Keep your HGV clean

As a final safety point, it is important to keep your HGV clean. Regular cleaning not only helps to provide a professional consumer image, but it also makes it much easier to carry out your daily spot checks.

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