Is Your Trucking Technology Covered by Your Lorry Insurance?

Freighting cargo nationwide is a colossal operation and more trucking firms are installing state of the art technology to their vehicles in order to maximise efficiency.  Such equipment may not be covered by certain insurance deals and modernistic firms could be running a bit of a risk.

Hybrid-fuel engines, auto-sealing truck tyres and fleet-locating satellite systems are just a few of the major steps forward in the trucking industry today.  All innovations are designed to make trucking more convenient and much more cost-effective.  However, just one accident could devastate a business unless they are protected by the correct hgv insurance cover.

During winter months, lorries are particularly vulnerable to potential accidents but dispatch companies can’t afford to leave their fleet dormant and allow business to freeze.  There are technologies such as winter adapting tyres for 18-wheelers which can help but the only way to be absolutely sure an accident doesn’t leave a pile-up of unaffordable repair costs in its wake, is to cooperate with quality insurers to cushion the costs.

Trucks using a state-of-the-art rear loading lift may not be covered for loading accidents involving the lift.  Thorough reading of insurance policies is crucial to understanding the extent of your protection policy.  If you are concerned about extra protection for a loading lift or any other specialist areas – discuss everything with a recommended truck insurance broker who will go out of their way to find an insurance deal which covers you for everything.

Lorries can now be purchased, pre-armed with all the latest technology but others may have modifications manually installed.  Custom parts may also slip through your insurance policy and you can save money, time and effort by getting in touch with a broker – they do all the legwork and you can relax knowing your truck, or fleet of trucks, will be fully protected.

Shopping around for specialist truck insurance deals can be tedious – especially when speaking to junior staff who may not be as clued up on unique requests.  Experienced insurance brokers excel at establishing cooperative relationships with insurers and will do everything in their power to satisfy their clients i.e. you.

The haulage industry is evolving rapidly and it’s up to brokers to source the insurers who can keep up – use them to protect your modern trucks and your income stream.