Tech transport experts help HGV fleets

VisionTrack a leading video telematics tech supplier, and Geotab, an international firm specialising in connected transport, have joined forces to launch a solution to assist Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Fleets.

The new offering has been specifically designed to help fleet operators meet the compliance standard for Greater London that was established by transport heads to reduce risks to both pedestrians and cyclists.

A cutting-edge solution to keep compliant

The new Direct Vision Standard (DVS) solution from VisionTrack will be sold on Geotab’s online marketplace and meets the requirements for DVS put in place by Transport for London (TfL) that legally insist that CCTV and other safety tech is onboard HGVs using London roads.

The new solution delivers a comprehensive array of hardware that is purpose-built for Heavy Good Vehicles, including audible left turn alarm, side scans, side view camera, blind-spot safety signage and an in-cab monitor.

Commercial Director for VisionTrack, Richard Lane, commented on the new technology:

“Our class-leading DVS-compliant offering is suitable for all commercial vehicle models above 12 tonnes, which can be used as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated system that meets wider video telematics and fleet compliance requirements.”

A new rating system

To comply with the new TfL DVS permit system, all vehicles in excess of 12 tonnes will be required to hold an in-date DVS permit when operating within the Greater London area. The permit system effectively rates a driver’s visibility levels from the vehicle cab, regarding cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users, without any support from visual aid technology. If a heavy goods vehicle fails to reach a certain visibility standard, then safety technology must be installed to compensate.

The DVS permit system is part of the Vision Zero plan for London that aims to eliminate road injuries and deaths in the UK capital by 2041.

Expert assistance with fleet insurance

Onboard safety equipment like dedicated CCTV devices can help lower insurance premiums for many vehicle operations like HGV and taxi fleets. To discuss the most affordable option available to insure your fleet, contact our expert hgv fleet insurance team today for advice and a free quotation.