Potholes and damage to your HGV

Potholes on our UK roads are not only a nuisance for HGV drivers, they are also costly. It is estimated that, for every mile of road in the UK, there is one pothole, which is a total of over 200,000 potholes on our roads. This is a problem that will only get worse, due to the harsh winter conditions we’ve been having in recent years.

Why are there so many potholes?

The reason there are so many potholes comes down to a lack of funding and, ultimately, lack of road maintenance. The usual course of action when potholes are reported is that they are temporarily fixed, rather than the road being resurfaced. Although this is a cheap, quick fix, in the long term it is both costly and dangerous for drivers. The average cost for the local council to fix a pothole is reported at £50.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) agree with RAC findings that the vast number of potholes are directly linked to many vehicle breakdowns. This can be incredibly costly for haulage companies. HGVs pick up and make deliveries on many side roads in out of town areas where road surfaces are not maintained, which, in turn, can have damaging implications on the vehicles’ suspension.

Damage caused to vehicles

Poorly maintained roads are bad for everyone. They are bad for businesses, road users and HGVs. Potholes are responsible for puncturing tyres, damaging wheel trims and serious damage to your HGV’s suspension, all of which can be extremely costly.

HGV Insurance really does matter

The regular inspection of your HGV tyres is essential to ensure it is road safe. Regular maintenance and safety checks are often mandatory requirements as part of your HGV insurance policy. If you do find yourself in an accident, then your HGV will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it has been properly maintained. So, always check your tyres, especially if driving on roads that are littered with potholes.

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