New webinar to tackle best practices for grey fleets

An upcoming webinar from the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) will concern the best practices for grey fleet use.

The online session has been designed to help grey fleet operators to structure their operations and will feature expert speakers and support from new white papers.

What is a grey fleet vehicle?

A grey fleet vehicle is a van or car owned by a staff member but driven for business purposes. The employee is typically reimbursed using a pence per mile system for using their own vehicle for business-related journeys. Vans and cars employed by staff under schemes for cash allowance are also considered ‘grey fleet’ as well.

Paul Hollick, chair for APF, commented on current practices:

“Grey fleet has been long been the elephant in the room for the fleet sector. Everyone knows that employee-owned cars need the same degree of control and compliance as any other fleet vehicles, and everyone knows that often doesn’t happen.”

A series of seminars

The webinar will include a wide range of seminars from grey fleet experts. DriveTech’s UK commercial development manager, Emma Loveday, and fleet risk director for Driive Consulting, Alison Moriarty, who have both held a selection of senior roles concerning fleet compliance, will host a session called: ‘How to Manage Your Grey Fleet’.

Countryside Properties’ head of facilities for fleet, Chris Connors, will then present a session titled ‘Developing a Plan to Manage Your Grey Fleet in Practice’, and finally, Paul Hollick will announce an overall update from the AFP’s committee for risk, health and compliance.

The 90-minute-long webinar will close with a dedicated question and answer session for those who have registered to take part.

Specialist advice on fleet insurance

Employees that use their own vehicle for business can create a wide range of challenges for fleet operators arranging insurance. When was their van last serviced and is it safe? Has it passed its MOT?

If you need specialist advice on fleet insurance, you can depend on us to answer all your questions and suggest the most affordable option. Get in touch with our dedicated fleet insurance team today for support and a free quote.