Keeping Fleet Cover Valid

A legal requirement here in the UK, motor fleet insurance is designed to protect your firm from loss when unfortunate incidents occur.

However, within any given policy, there are clauses that state if you operate inappropriately, this will invalidate your insurance. When this happens, your insurer may deny your claim or cancel your fleet policy. Read on to assess if your fleet cover is still valid.

Where vehicles are registered

Premiums paid are impacted by the postcode where fleet vehicles are officially registered. To keep insurance costs lower, some enterprises use a different address on their policy than where vehicles in fact remain overnight. If a vehicle is stolen or damaged, and this is uncovered it can invalidate your policy.

Whether vehicles are modified

Fleet vehicle customisation can also affect cover costs when they result in a rise in value as this may increase the possibility of theft. Custom spray jobs, new wheels, or tinted windows that an insurer doesn’t know about can result in cover being void when modifications come to light after an accident.

Checking your driver’s documentation

Making sure all employees you hire are roadworthy is crucial to having valid motor fleet insurance. Routinely inspect insurance documents, check driving licences are in date and ensure you are aware of any convictions – your insurance provider must be informed to keep your cover valid.

Informing on minor incidents

Your personnel must report even minor bumps to your insurer listing any damage whether you’re claiming or not. Should the other motorist involved seek to claim, the incident damage will be recorded accurately avoiding inconsistencies that mean your claim is refused.

What fleet vehicles are used for

Finally, fleet cover type is related to vehicle usage. This makes it imperative that the kind of cover you obtain matches your requirements to ensure you’re always insured. Select from haulage insurance, carriage of own goods cover, courier van insurance, taxi private hire or public insurance to suit your business.

Selecting the right motor fleet insurance for your company can sometimes be complicated and even intimidating, but for expert advice, you can contact our dedicated team today.