Importance of Courier Van Insurance

We specialise in finding people insurance for wheel based commercial risks such as courier drivers.

Your insurance requirement will change depending on the sort of goods that you will be carrying. You could be required to carry simple good such as general parcels to people’s homes bought off the internet, or maybe more expensive items such as TV’s from retailers. You also have more specialised areas such as medical deliveries or specialist equipment.

Regardless though of what you carry, there is the risk of driving to many unknown areas and delivering in a hurry which puts not only yourself, but others at risk as well. Having courier van insurance is also a legal requirement and to operate without a policy is against the law here in the UK.

What policy areas do I need for my Courier Business?

A courier policy is broken down into several areas.

Van and Vehicle Cover

This area of the policy protects the vehicles on the road. It is broken down again into two more areas.

Comprehensive Courier Van Cover

This form of vehicle cover will keep both your van or vehicle covered an insured as well as the third party in the event you crash into or bump someone and damage is caused.

Third Party Cover

This is the most basic for of legal cover and will only cover the third party. In the event of an accident where you are at fault, your vehicle will not be covered so will always recommend ensuring you opt for a fully comprehensive policy.

Goods in Transit Cover

This element of cover protects the goods you are carrying. Should you be carrying something of value that breaks whilst in your possession, this area of cover means you can get it replaced quickly without any real cost to yourself.

Extras for Courier Insurance

As driving and delivering parcels is your lively hood, it is worth adding a few extra elements to your courier insurance policy. The most relevant and beneficial can include.

Breakdown Cover

This will ensure that should your vehicle breakdown, you can quickly be recovered and back on the road again. If you are unable to deliver parcels, then you will quickly start to loose money.

Public Liability

This area will protect members of the public whilst you carry out your duties delivering parcels. If you were to knock someone’s property or even them as a person, public liability is there to help you cover the cost.

European Cover

Not all commercial courier policies will cover you to travel abroad in Europe. If you are likely to travel overseas, make sure you have this policy area included.

Courier Fleet Insurance

If you are an individual courier, then this is less relevant. However, if you need to insure multiple vans, then courier fleet insurance is a worthwhile investment to help save you money.

Spend a good amount of time reviewing what areas of insurance you need. If you intend to use your own personal vehicle, it is unlikely to be covered for commercial use and therefore essential you look into appropriate courier insurance.

Total Insurance Comparison help you compare different brokers to help you find the best policy for your individual needs.