How To Get Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance is quite a complex policy but when you get it right and have an expert fleet broker protecting you, it proves to be a vital investment.

Before you start the process of applying, we recommend getting a few facts worked out and paper work ready to use when speaking with the broker.

Getting ready to apply for Fleet Insurance

The first step is to have all the relevant information to hand ready. The broker is going to require a list of vehicles, type of vehicles,  drivers you wish to insure (if wanting a cheaper named driver policy), convictions and ages of drivers and general use of the vehicles.

Fleet Vehicle List

For each vehicle you wish to insure on the policy, you will require the following information:
– Make
– Model
– Age
– Value

Type of Vehicles

Your fleet may take various forms such as a courier fleet, or hgv fleet. Maybe your vehicle is a mix of a few vehicles. Non of this is a problem providing you know what each type of vehicle is. To start, you may have 20 taxis and 3 minibuses (if you wanted to insure a taxi fleet for instance).

Named Drivers

It is possible to gain policies that allow anyone to drive over a certain age. These policies however tend to be more of an expensive form of policy. As such, most fleet operators tend to opt for what is known as a ‘named driver fleet policy’. This is where the broker will ask for the details of each driver you intend to insure. They will require the following:
– Name
– Sometimes home address (if taking the vehicles home over a certain value)
– Age
– Convictions (motor and sometimes criminal)
– No Claims Bonus

Location of Fleet when not in use

If you keep your fleet secure in a locked compound with proper security when not in use, it is likely to help obtaining a cheaper fleet insurance policy. If drivers are allowed to take their vehicles home, it may add to the cost due to the increased risk.

Work out Fleet extras

When getting a fleet insurance, you will require a list of extras you may wish to add (if any).

These can include but not limited to: Courtesy Car Extension, Trailer Cover, Plant and Tool Cover, Employers Liability, Public Liability, Goods in Transit Cover, Legal Expenses Cover, Protected No Claims Bonus, Breakdown Cover, Excess Protection and Windscreen cover.


Once you know what you want from your policy and have all relevant information, you can start applying for your policies. Our team will be happy to help with your application connecting you with the cheapest fleet brokers.