How Much Does Courier Cover Cost

The price of your courier policy will depend entirely on what you wish to cover within your policy.

As standard, you can expect your courier insurance package to typically include cover for both your vehicle and the goods you carry. Before you apply for your policy, it is worth while taking a look at your courier operation, the vehicle you use and how busy you are likely to be. The key difference between a courier policy and standard a standard vehicle policy is the ability to carry other peoples goods and carry out multi drop offs.

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Breakdown of Courier Cover Elements

Working similar to a private vehicle insurance, you will be able to choose from Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive Cover.

Third Party Fire & Theft Cover

In the event or an accident, this level of cover will cover damage to the other vehicle where you are at fault. It will also cover your vehicle should it be set fire or stolen. It will not cover your vehicle in the event of a fault claim.

Comprehensive Courier Cover

This level of cover will cover the above as well as your vehicle in the event of a fault claim, much like your private vehicle. This cover is more thorough but is also slightly more expensive. It is worth considering how reliant you are on your vehicle before ruling this cover level out in a bid to save money.

Once the level of vehicle cover is selected, you need to start looking at the commercial aspects. This will include (but no limited to):

  • Goods in Transit Cover
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Employers Liability Cover (if you employ someone)
  • Professional Indemnity Cover
  • Cover for Dangerous of Toxic Goods

Dependant on what you require will cause your price to fluctuate.

Do you require just Car Courier Insurance or Van Courier Insurance?

Dependant on what sort of vehicle you use to operate your business will also have an impact on your premium.

Cost of Car Courier Insurance

Cars are not always cheaper to insure compared to a van as often they hold a higher cost. However, car couriers are often part time workers looking to earn an additional income.

Cost of Van Courier Insurance

The cost is associated more with full time couriers who’s main income is from parcel delivery.  It is however quite often more tailored as the demand on the policy can frequently be more.

If you want to keep your costs down, your best bet is to compare policies if you wish to find a cheap courier van insurance policy.

How many vehicles need cover?

An often over looked factor is how many vehicles are you looking to insure. If you are looking to cover just one vehicle, then your policy is likely to be cheaper than covering multiple courier vehicles. Should you be looking to cover more than one van, you may want to consider taking out a Courier Fleet Insurance.

If you are still in doubt, feel free to contact one of our agents who will be happy to help you.