HGV drives off busy a-road leaving trail of destruction

An articulated lorry ended its destructive journey in a woman’s garden after dragging several parked cars, a telephone box and wall down a busy road.

Local residents said they heard loud rumbling as the lorry left the A628 in Hollingworth, near Mottram, Tameside nearly hitting a house.

Required at the scene were police, ambulances AND air ambulance which is thought to have taken the driver to hospital.

Ginette Walker, owner of the garden when the HGV decided to stop was at work when she received the call to tell her ‘there was a lorry in her garden’.

Ginette’s 14 year old son was in the house at the time but did not hear anything.

Local resident, Mick Heywood said: ‘I saw the air ambulance flying above the house so went to investigate’.

‘I was told that a truck was coming down the road towards the A628.

‘It then hit a parked car which was then dragged up the curb and through a telephone box and left through a stone wall in a garden.’

It is not yet confirmed why the lorry went down the road at such speed but it is thought that the only injured person was the driver who was taken to hospital.

Whatever the cause, I wouldn’t want his hgv lorry insurance renewal!