Four ways to lower the cost of insurance for courier businesses

Whether you drive a van or car, in your role as a professional courier, acquiring the best insurance possible is crucial. Your livelihood depends on your transport, so being covered in the event of an accident is essential but this doesn’t mean it can’t be more affordable. In the following sections, we’ll discuss four ways couriers can lower their premiums.

Always compare

As with any policy, it pays to compare what’s on offer, so collect quotes from plenty of providers. However, don’t just look at price. Make sure when comparing that the insurers you select are offering the same level of cover. It’s worth checking out insurance specialists who specifically handle policies for couriers as you may find premiums lower. They can also offer advice on ways to lower your quote like installing a device that monitors your activity on the road. We are able to help you compare courier insurance from a wide variety of providers.

Remember that dedicated insurance policies for couriers don’t provide cover if you break down as standard. When picking a policy, always ask insurance providers if they also offer this protection and at what price.

Understand all available policies

An extensive array of insurance policies is available for couriers from simple courier car and van options to insurance with hire and reward use. For couriers driving HGVs or trucks there is also cover for haulage use. Always ensure you select the correct policy for the size of your courier vehicle as this will impact your premiums. For example, if your van weighs more than 3.5 tonnes you’ll need an insurance policy designed for haulage.

Mention any no-claims discounts to insurers

Many insurers covering couriers will consider any no-claims bonuses that have been carried over from other car and van policies you’ve had previously, which can be one way to make savings.

Raising voluntary excess

A final way to lower your insurance outgoings is to consider selecting a higher voluntary excess. However, always make certain you can afford to pay your greater involvement in repair costs if the worst should happen and you’re involved in an accident.

If you’re looking for expert advice on ways to lower your courier insurance costs, call our specialist team today.