Finding the right Insurance for Courier Fleets

Demand for couriers is increasing year on year with online shopping constantly on the increase. Off the back of this, a whole market place for new courier companies has opened up offering cheap or niche delivery services.

Someone who has just opened up a courier firm is likely to have a lot on their plate and as such, fleet insurance is a crucial element to keep you covered should you accidentally take your eye off the ball. Having multiple drivers out on the road can be quite a stressful experience.

Courier fleet van insurance differs from many other insurances as cover won’t just stop at cover for the vehicle. When choosing this type of cover, you will be able to cover your vehicle, your drivers and the goods you carry all under one policy.

Regardless of what you carry or how many vehicles are in your fleet, you will be required to have a suitable fleet policy in place and they are well worth the investment.

Do I require Courier Fleet Van Insurance?

If you are operating a fleet of vehicle to deliver goods, then in short, yes, you will require insurance. If you fail to take out appropriate courier fleet van cover, you will be in breach of your legal responsibilities as you will not insured against loss or damage to other vehicles. The individuals that work for you will also not be covered.

Courier Fleet Cover vs Standard Courier Cover

Unlike a standard courier policy for individual couriers, a fleet courier policy will cover multiple operations and vehicles under 1 policy. This offers a far more cost-effective way to protecting your business and allows you to operate more efficiently.

With a fleet policy, there are also a lot more factors to take into consideration. Mainly your vehicles and drivers. With a fleet, you will have multiple vehicles ranging in age and value as well as multiple drivers ranging in age and experience. It is worth vetting your drivers if you wish to decrease the cost of your insurance. You can read more on saving money on fleet insurance here.

Benefits to Courier Fleet Policies

  • Only 1 renewal date as all policies are combined
  • A highly tailorable policy to cover many aspects
  • Coverage for all your vehicles and drivers
  • 1 brokerage to deal with

Aspects to Fleet Courier Insurance

Your fleet policy can be tailored to cover any aspect you require within reason. Most commonly though, your policy will be tailored to cover:

  • The vehicles
  • The drivers
  • The goods you carry
  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Professional liability