Experts advise fleet operators to prepare to avoid downtime

UK tyre services company ATS Euromaster has warned that advanced planning is essential to ensure fleets enjoy optimum uptime following the end of lockdown. The tyre specialists have cited multiple risks for fleet operators of not putting plans in place, from invalidated insurance to failed inspections.

A busy time for body shops

While the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many fleets hard, ATS Euromaster stated that service centres have also been operating under increased pressure, often running a skeleton crew on account of staff furlough and sickness.

While ATS Euromaster centres have remained open throughout lockdown, prioritising and servicing emergency blue light clients, the impact of the outbreak has led to longer waiting times for its other customers. With this in mind, it is advising fleet operators to book in any vehicle maintenance required now to ensure no delays are experienced that will affect their business.

Tips for fleets from the tyre experts

ATS Euromaster has now published the following top tips for fleet operators as the end of lockdown approaches to ensure firms are ready to return at full capacity:

Vehicles that haven’t seen much active service may benefit from a free of charge Duty of Care inspection to ensure they are safe for drivers.

Any minor damage vehicles have sustained in accidents should be attended to.

Check tyres for damage and wear if they have been off-road for the last few months.

Necessary tyre replacements should be booked in early as stocks of certain tyres are likely to be low and resupply and fitting can potentially require weeks.

Make sure any vehicle servicing that has been delayed because of lockdown is booked in to make sure vehicles are ready to go when lockdown lifts.

Finally, the MOT status of all fleet vehicles must be checked as the extension has now ended. Make sure no vehicle has missed its MOT. Any vehicles found to be unroadworthy can see fines of £1000 and insurance will be invalidated automatically.

Specialists in fleet insurance

If you have concerns about your fleet insurance when returning to business after lockdown, you can rely on us for expert advice.