Couriers Invest in Courier Fleet Insurance to handle demand

With Christmas now fast approaching, online shopping and the demand for couriers to deliver goods reaches an all-time high with an additional increase year on year. Long gone has the time of shopping the high streets for gifts, Amazon and eBay are the new high-street.

With this added demand, it is no surprise that Yodel and APC report it to be their busiest time of year.

Last year, to cope with the increased demand, the already 10,000 strong workforce was increased by 5000, that’s a 50% increase. Furthermore, that is an increase of 30% on the year previous! The 5000 increase includes 760 employed courier drivers and 470 self-employed courier drivers.

Better still, through increased demand in general, it is expected that many of the seasonal drivers taken on for the busy period will actually progress to become full time drivers.

Dick Stead, executive chairman said, ‘Depending on the volumes handled, the number of employees who stay on will be a mixture of self-employed drivers who deliver to their local areas and full time directly employed drivers who you see in the liveried vans.’

The company continues to reduce its requirement for agency workers by employing directly for the busy periods, in turn, keeping costs down to deliver our parcels.

Managing so many drivers comes with added risk. When managing potential new drivers, Yodel employs a standard interview template that focuses on customer and technical experience. This also includes driver assessment and driver safety to ensure they have the technical ability to safely operate as a courier on the roads.

To better improve Yodels service, Yodel steps itself above the rest by providing online training for its employees from the very beginning. The training is designed to help them learn about Yodel, their roles and support the customer experience before they even handle their first parcel.

The training covers a wide range of topics including internal practices and policies, industry-standard legislation and regulatory topics including health and safety, security and manual handling.

Formed in 2010, Yodel now delivers 145 million parcels a year from 60 depots across the UK.

To cope with demand, Yodel starts its planning in June utilising 900 HGV’s 1500 trailers and 5000 ‘final mile’ vehicles.

With the increased demand, including that on self-employed couriers, there has been an increased demand on courier fleet insurance with many smaller operators looking to insure all their vehicles under 1 policy instead of individual courier van insurance.

APC has suggested that their busiest day should rise from 130,000 parcels to 185,000!